Article for review: Fedora classroom: RPM Packaging 101


We’re organising a Fedora classroom session on building RPM packages on the 17th of June. I’ve written up a brief announcement post. Would it be possible to please review and publish it a few days before the session (or if that’s not possible, we can move the classroom to a later date if required).

I’ve followed the docs and clicked “submit for review”. The public preview link is here:

I’ve not added a featured image yet. One is being worked on at the design team:

Here is the tracker ticket for the classroom session on the Fedora Join team’s pagure project:

Classroom on RPM packaging 101

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Yes, certainly. Would the 14th be good?

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Yes, that would work very very well. Thanks very much :slight_smile:

@ankursinha @glb,

This is how the Prerequisites section is getting rendered on the draft.


I suppose that the points under “The following software should be installed and configured:” are not arranged in the way that they’re supposed to be. The use of single ` instead of three of them should bring them back to the same line if the editor is Markdown-compliant.

I’ll experiment with it a bit to see if I can get it to look a little better. I think you will need to use HTML instead of markdown.

We don’t really use inline code blocks on WordPress because the theme doesn’t render them properly. I just got rid of the parenthesis and changed the code blocks to pre blocks. I think being indented is sufficient to indicated that it is part of the preceding bullet point.

You are welcome to experiment with it more and see if you can get something better. I’ve done the same sort of thing in some older articles that I wrote:

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This looks better now.



Thanks @glb , @t0xic0der .

The design team just signed off on the featured image:

I’ve added it to the post as a featured image using the options in the right hand side bar now? (should one be using the SVG?)

The sources are both here:



Edit: it wasn’t showing on the top of the page, but does now after I clicked “submit for review”—perhaps it wasn’t saved before.

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It is normal that the cover image only shows in “preview” mode.

PNG (or JPG) is correct for the cover image. Sometimes we keep SVG copies in an archive so just the text can be changed and the rest of the image can be reused.

If you have a SVG version that you want to upload for reuse in later articles, submit a PR against this repo: Overview - fedoramagazine-images -

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Sounds good. I’ve opened a PR here:

Thanks very much.

@glb : I made a typo in the URL for the sensei badge in the post. There shouldn’t be a trailing slash there, it makes it return a 404. (So, the URL should be instead of Would it be possible to correct this when you have a minute please? Apologies.

No problem. It should be fixed now.

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Thanks very much!


The video recordings have now been uploaded here. Could someone please add this to the post whenever convenient?

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Thanks very much. That should be all for this classroom session. Thanks very much for all your help.