Article about Linux Day 2018 in Italy


I submitted a draft written in collaboration with other people (mentioned in the article). It is a report about Linux Day 2018 held in Italy on October 27 where Fedora was represented in some cities.

This should be the link to the preview, right? (It is my first post in the community blog):

We would like to see the report published in the community blog. So I’m asking if someone could kindly review it.



Thanks for sharing, @alciregi! I will have bandwidth to work on this over the weekend. Perhaps @bex or @bcotton could help publish it this week if they have time.


Done! I made a few small edits to text for formatting and language, moved the sticker image to be the Featured Image, and added required metadata. It’s set to publish tomorrow morning.


Wow! Thank you very much.


Awesome, thank you @bcotton! :100: