Article about Fedora in corporate environments

I’ve written a blog post about Fedora en corporate environments and after talking with @mattdm he directed me to here to start with the article workflow.

The link to the article is this one:

Please, tell me what do you need to publish it.



Nice article! For a very traditional, conservative environment, I can’t imagine a distribution that’s actively under development to be chosen by management, but for schools or universities, that would be an excellent choice.

For example, the CNCF announced a couple of training events to get a certified Administrator, what is a strict prerequisite for many corporate environments.

May I ask if there are plans to build such an additional infrastructure component or if it already exists?

+1 to the proposal. I’d retitle it something more descriptive like “Joining Fedora Linux to an Active Directory Domain” (for example). But the content overall looks pretty good and this isn’t something we’ve run before.

Once another editor gives a plus one, we’ll create a card on our kanban board. If you can go ahead and log in to that’ll make it quicker to add you later.

The full editorial workflow is described in our docs.

Also I’m preparing some docs related to this for Fedora Quickdocks, but still working on that.
@bcotton Yes. We could retitle it.

Ok. Will wait then for the next +1 and follow the workflow. Thanks!

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I’m not aware of something like that, but also I’m probably not the one with the information to answer properly to this. Maybe another one knows better about that.

Sorry for not being more helpful.

No no. I apologise for my comment. I’m relatively new here and don’t know the workflows.

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+1. I’ve created card #317. Unfortunately, when I added your email to the Kanban system, it didn’t take. Ben will have to fix that because I don’t think I have access to do so.

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I’m not sure what you mean, but you have the same level of access I do.

Is there a kind of a directory for such topics?
Takes a lot of time to get that information.
Form me personally, that would be helpful.

When I add their account, sometimes it shows “pending” on the last page of SettingsMembers. I don’t know how to get it out of that state. I don’t think the user can access the system when it is in that state. Also, I cannot add them to the card.

What do you mean by “such topics”?

Hi @ogutierrez. When you said “and follow the workflow” I take it you meant “and then follow the workflow”. Trouble is, we need you to follow the workflow before we start pushing buttons on our side or else things break :confused:. Please go ahead and follow the workflow and then I will try to delete and re-add your account to Kanban. It appears that I do have access to do that. Hopefully that works :crossed_fingers:.

About who owns who which tasks, I stumbled over it twice now.

If you are asking “who do I ask to do task x or y” with regard to the editorial workflow, the answer is anyone on the editorial board. The tasks are distributed so that the workflow doesn’t depend on any one member. The work is completely voluntary. Whoever has time can respond to any request at any time. There is also an “editor of the week” role that is rotated weekly. I think that role was created to avoid the bystander effect among the editors :stuck_out_tongue:. I am the current editor of the week, as designated at the last weekly meeting.

What do you mean by “stumbling”? Posting your questions here in the “Magazine” section is the right way to contact the “editorial board” for the Magazine. It can be a bit sloppy/free-form (especially when people post off-topic :upside_down_face:). But I think that is normal/expected.

If you want to contact someone about a particular article that is in-the-works (or recently published) I prefer that people use the Kanban card for that since it keeps things a little more organized for a particular article.

Hi: I’m trying now to reply to you via email and hope it works with my settings as expected. (that hasn’t worked)

Can’t remember what I wanted with “I stumbled over it twice” :sweat_smile:, but thanks for your explanation, I wasn’t aware how it works, but I think I would like to write an article or documentation sooner or later. At the moment, I don’t have a topic and my own webpages need some rewriting/adjustment.

Ok. The problem was I did not enter Taiga first. Now I can see the card and my user is watching that card. I can not assign myself to it, but I suppose you should be able now.

That seems to have done it. Sorry about the confusion. I think the workflow needs a bit more work. :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for contributing!

Thank you for consider publish it. :slight_smile:

Just to be clear, we need you to copy your content into our WordPress instance so that all the authorship shows correctly. Please also move the card to the “review” column in the Kanban system when you have everything ready for publication.


Ok. No problem with that. Will copy it tomorrow and move the card.

Thanks for the info :smiley: