Article 267 "4 cool new projects to try in COPR from December 2020"

I believe this article is ready for publication but since I’m a neophyte it might be good for some one else to do a quick once over to make certain I haven’t missed something.

Then, to clarify, who officially publishes me as editor or is there a chief editor for that.

Also, I am not clear on the steps in WordPress for publishing. Do you specify a date and/or click the “Publish” button?

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Hello @rlengland,
Looked at it and scheduled. Thanks for helping with editing!

Hi Richard:

Yes, just set the date and set the time to 08:00 (the server is in UTC time) and click save/publish (the big blue button).

One other tip that I think improves the appearance of the article but which not all editors do (and you don’t have to) is to change the “code” blocks to “preformatted”. It is recommended in the writing guidelines that the authors use preformatted, but a lot of them don’t (I don’t know why). For demonstration, I’ve made the change to this article and I’ve provided before and after shots of what was done below.

Just my two cents.



Right on the money. Well done all! FYI Richard, you are welcome to schedule things you’ve agreed to work on if you know the date of needs to go out.


Thank you @jakfrost, @pfrields, and @glb

I’ll keep the preformatted text in mind for the future.