[Artical Proposal] Remmina RDP for daily work

Good Afternoon Everyone,

I’m interested in writing an article about using Remmina in daily job related work. I would like to cover some of the following items.

  • Introduction: What Remmina is and how I use it in daily work.
  • How to setup Remmina to use RDP with additional options.
  • Review of some of the common used protocol support available.
  • Conclusion: Review the Remmina option and other options that are also available (xFreeRDP).

Thoughts or feedback on the topic?

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Sounds great. +1.

+1 @zexcon
I’ve created Taiga card #333 to track the work flow for your article.

Please follow the steps in Getting access to get set up to write your article.

When you have completed step 3 let us know here and an editor will assign your Taiga card to you. This is how we track the workflow for Fedora Magazine articles.

Thanks for volunteering to write for us.

Good Morning Richard,

I have completed the steps.

@glb or @jakfrost Can you check @zexcon 's status for me? I’m not able to get him added to the writers list for Taiga. Could it be the FPCA ?

It doesn’t look like he’s signed the FPCA.

TIP: Check the very end of the last page when trying to add someone to the Kanban board. If the add didn’t take, their account will appear at the end and it will be grayed-out. When trying again, you will want to delete the grayed-out account before trying to re-add it.

Did I miss part of a step. FPCA does not sound familiar.

@zexcon It looks like you have not signed the FPCA (Fedora Project Contributor Agreement) which is required. I believe it should have been part of creating your FAS account.
If you sign in here: https://accounts.fedoraproject.org/
Then go to the pull down menu in the upper right corner (see the V) and select settings, one of the tabs is for “Agreements” and I believe that will get you to proper place to “sign”. (It’s been a while since I did this)

Thank you Richard I have located, reviewed and signed the FPCA.

You are good to go.