[Artical Proposal] - HashiCorp Boundary client in Fedora for identity-based system access

Full disclosure I work for HashiCorp. I have been building support for our open source Boundary UI client using COPR automation. You might think of it as a modern point-to-point VPN solution with external authentication targeted towards cloud resource access for layer 8 / meatspace. I’d love to write on it if you’d allow me. I’ll keep things technical, not sales oriented. But if it sounds to commercial I understand. Happy to discuss.


I think it would be OK if it is FOSS that runs on Fedora Linux. We have, for example, run articles about Chromium on Fedora Magazine in the past.

That said, there may be legal/licensing issues related to such a request that are “above my pay grade” to answer. My layman’s understanding is that everything should be OK as long as there isn’t any sort of monetary exchange involved. However, maybe such an article would count as “advertising revenue” that would require some sort of tax filing. I don’t know. So I’d like someone more knowledgeable about such things than I to give their two cents before we run it.

@bcotton, @pfrields?

Ethically, we should disclose the author relationship. I trust the editors to keep the content suitable for the magazine. Opensource.com runs this sort of article all the time.

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Given Ben’s response above, this article proposal has my +1. :slight_smile:

+1 from me.
Created Taiga card here https://teams.fedoraproject.org/project/asamalik-fedora-magazine/us/370?kanban-status=280

Layer 8? Would be nice to see some diagrams with comparison with how traditional VPN like WireGuard works and where this Boundary plugs in.

Hi sorry I probably submitted this prematurely as I’ve struggled to get official Linux support for Boundary Desktop. Will write and re-submit when I get time to finish this draft and have more stable Boundary Desktop support.

Sorry I missed your note yesterday @rlengland

Thank you for the update @boeroboy
I’ve moved your card back to the IDEAS column on the Pagure Kanban board. It will be there when you are ready to continue.

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