ARM arch Fedora Workstation

Why there is no Gnome spin on yet?

Gnome needs at lest 4GB of ram and even than it will not be snappy.

Is this for the Raspberry Pi 4?
The linux kernel still needs some work to support the hardware.

For example, VC4 drm fixes for 4k monitors and dual hmdi ports in the Raspberry Pi 4 hopefully will be added to 5.10.

I was rather aiming at the new Apple ARM Hardware, see: Mac - Apple and specifically on MacBook Air - Apple - they will start as a min. from 16GiB of RAM

That will be interesting. Considering Apples T2 Security Chip on their Intel Hardware preventing Linux from being installed, I suspect Apples arm hardware will have something similar.

Because you can get it directly from — look at the " For ARM® aarch64" raw image option.

It probably also should be on the separate ARM site; that’s probably just an oversight.


As I understand it, the problem with the new Apple hardware isn’t going to be the security stuff so much as everything is weird, different, and custom and Apple has no particular interest in making their hardware work for other operating systems. Unlike with x86, there’s no standard for how to even get a system to boot.

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Apple likes to keep you in their silo. Their specific hardware, their approved OS, their approved apps, all purchased from their stores, serviced by their techs, and locked out of using another OS due to security features they designed in working with the manufacturers. This includes specific hardware chips that the vendors only provide apple specific drivers for, etc. Heaven forbid you use their software on a non-approved hardware platform. All this was part of their switch from motorola processors to intel processors and developing OSX.

This has always been their marketing strategy (which also applies to their phones). You are locked in to purchasing everything from apple so you cannot stray to something else anywhere down the line.

Yes, there are ways to, in a limited fashion, use linux on apple hardware but it seems painful and too difficult for me to consider from what I read on forums.

I disagree with your last statements though. Apple has a definite interest in NOT making their hardware work with other operating systems, and there is a clear standard in getting their hardware to boot — Use OSX. Oh, and as the hardware ages the updated OS no longer supports the older hardware – buy new.

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