Are there more video driver options for my intel graphics laptop?

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I recently breathed new life into my old work laptop by installing fedora 38 Workstation on it. The original drive’s Windows installation was unsalvageable, but it’s been smooth sailing with this new installation for the most part. Fedora became a favorite distro of mine when my dad brought home a magazine with fedora 8 on it and it’s my go-to now! :grinning:

All that being said, I’m no expert and my laptop certainly isn’t high-spec by today’s means at all. For the most part everything is running great! However, I have noticed some problems with video occasionally. A lot of websites besides youtube will struggle with streaming higher definition video. Even when I downloaded a 1080p 60fps video it struggled to play locally, but 1080p 30fps seems to run well.

Typically when I do a linux install I will install the proprietary drivers (if available) for my graphics card if things are running slow on open-source drivers, but that’s always been on desktop with a discreet graphics card. This laptop has Intel HD graphics.

Are there more options for drivers/optimizations for my Intel Hardware? Or is my laptop doing it’s best and I should get used to it?

Here’s a screenshot of my specs:

Additionally I guess right now I’m using the stock i915 drivers:

I believe you have the latest driver for that GPU. Your list shows the 6.2.11 kernel which has already been updated to the 6.2.13 kernel for F38, so you are not fully updated yet.

Intel GPUs are only supported by the i915 drivers so you seem to have the latest available as of your last update.

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