Are there any CLI installers for Fedora?

Is there any way to install Fedora 31 using the CLI only ?

Without using Anaconda at all.

You can automate the installation process with Kickstart but I am not sure about Arch-style text mode installing. Here is the installation guide with Kickstart:

Sure, you can (actually it is still Anaconda).
You can download the net install ISO (not a live image) and add inst.text to the boot line (press tab to edit the boot menu).


Is there any way to kickstart installations from Live Images ? I mean you always need a net install ISO.

I am not doing a network install, I am just installing on my laptop. Also I am installing Fedora Workstation and not Fedora Server.

Any idea if Kickstarts are possible in Fedora Workstation ?

Anyway to use Kickstart in the Live Fedora system ? I don’t understand where to put the Kickstart file.Any idea if this is possible in Fedora Workstation ?

I didn’t use it before, but here it says that you can point live image as the installation source:

Net install ISO is used to install the system on your workstation of course.
Instead of copying a preconfigured set of packages from the DVD/USB to the hard disk, you can select what to install and the packages will be downloaded from the Fedora repository.

here you can find information on how to use a Kickstart File with a local installation:

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