Are email notifications rate-limited?

I recently noticed this footer on email notifications from the Fedora Discourse instance:

Heads up: We send a maximum of 100 daily emails. Check the site to see the ones that might be held back. PS thanks for being popular!

Is this an intentional limitation? Is there still an expectation that Discourse will be used to emulate mailing lists?

EDIT I realized that when I got this warning, I still had trust level 0. But according to the documentation of trust levels, there should be no impact on email rate limits.

Weird things are happening on Discourse lately. For instance, right now I’m looking at your 6-day-old post, and Discourse is showing a notice above it that reads, “It’s been a while since we’ve seen fweimer — their last post was 8mon ago.”

(Unless that means your last post before this one? If so, (a) why would it be telling me that, and (b) way to not be clear.)

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I didn’t see that when posting my question. It’s true that my last posting before that was in December 2018 (at least that what’s Discourse is showing me).

I must say that I find it kind of nasty that Discourse shows others things about me that I do not see myself on the site.

@gbcox pointed out that this a side configuration parameter:

So it looks like this needs to be changed in the Fedora instance.

Is my assumption correct that none of the admins monitor the Site Feedback category and I need to raise this issue somewhere else?

It must be done by a site admin, which are currently @sanja, @mattdm, @puiterwijk, @bex, and @msuchy. If you don’t get a direct reply here, I suggest opening a Fedora Council ticket.

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Worse, it’s still there, and I know you’ve at least posted comments elsewhere since then — but I guess those don’t count. Seems if you don’t start your own threads often enough, it tries to guilt-trip the rest of us into throwing you Seeeeekrit welcome-back celebrations. #FreshHell

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I’ve raised the limit to 1000. Can someone who is hitting the limit let us know if this is insufficient.

I’ve updated ticket Issue #271: Site Feedback category on Discussions should be closed - tickets - with a discussion about why this failed to get done and some next steps.

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@mattdm @bcotton - saw your replies in the ticket but thought it more appropriate to respond here rather than in a council ticket.

I’m willing to volunteer to assist with discourse, just let me know.

Regarding duplicating mailing lists here, if it’s not possible at a minimum I think it would be helpful to post important announcements here in discourse somewhere as well as in the mailing lists. I can’t imagine that be controversial. Also, opening up a few additional categories I would think should be ok. The devel list as it stands now has turned into a catch all group, and in recent threads people admitted as such - so many discussions there aren’t related to a specific team. Discourse should also be able to have such a category.

But again, that depends on what the Fedora strategy is for Discourse. If it’s just test and nobody is serious about using it, then why bother - but if it is viewed as a future direction we should try to utilize it to the fullest extent.

To be clear, the -devel list was never designed for use by only a specific
team. It’s just a list for Fedora contributors.

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For those not following the council ticket, we are talking to CommOps about helping manage this. That won’t restrict moderators to CommOps folks though, but could get us a quick hit of people to help. Are there others, like @gbcox interested in helping?

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Where’s that going on? I’ve not seen anything on the CommOps mailing lis-,
errr… Discourse list?

It started as a follow-up to a 1:1 conversation at Flock. Since I haven’t seen any public movement on it, I’ve started a thread in the CommOps area of this site.