Apps keep on crashing - especially Brave Browser

I am trying to figure out if I have destroyed my computer’s memory or if this is related to the OS. I converted to Fedora after having a lot of trouble on Windows with Brave Browser crashing repeatedly without warning.
The problem persisted and began to get worse as other apps occasionally crashed, although no where as frequent as Brave and as Brave on Windows. After updating to f37 the problem is much less frequent but still there. Using System monitor I’ve noticed that occasionally some proccesses will occasionaly jump very high in RAM usage and then come back down just as quickly. I once had 260 tabs open (now using The Great Suspender add on) and tried to run editing software too powerful for my computer. Is this an explanation and is it reversible or will I have to buy new RAM cards for my laptop? Is my problem software or hardware based?

Thanks for any help you can offer.

I recommend you run MemTest86 first. It boots from USB so you will need a USB key drive.

It will run for a very long time. Let it run overnight.


Maybe I’m misunderstanding the set up or doing something wrong but will it completely reset my computer?

All it does is check your RAM for errors. It doesn’t make any changes. It’s up to you to diagnose the report it produces and act accordingly.