Apps are not installing

Recently switched to Fedora 38 GNOME on my Macbook M1 Pro. Whenever I try to install something it prints the following message:

allow_vendor_change is disabled. This option is currently not supported for downgrade and distro-sync commands

Then the error message telling that no match for the product was found (tried on nvidia driver and steam).

Not sure if allow_vendor_change and “no match found” are interrelated in my case

I wonder if it has something to do with Asahi, because googling gave me nothing but some info about zypper package, and now I think the problem might lie in package management on my Fedora. I am very new and would appreciate any help.

There is nothing wrong with your setup, it’s just that neither the Nvidia drivers nor Steam is available on Asahi (or any other ARM platform) at the moment.

Work is ongoing to get Steam working using some emulation and virtualization magic, but it will be months before there’s anything ready for end user testing.

Nvidia drivers won’t happen, as no Apple Silicon Mac has an Nvidia GPU and eGPUs are out of the question due to the way Apple’s thunderbolt controller works.