Application overview vanished after update to Fedora 31

on Fedora 30 I just had to press the Windows key and then I saw an overview of all my applications (kind of a dashboard) - I typed the first two characters and then enter to start an application.

After the update to Fedora 31, when I press the Windows key I just see a black screen :frowning:

Anybody knows whats going on? How can I get the application overview back?

Thank you!

PS see screenshots - after booting and after pressing the Windows key

It looks like you’re running GNOME Classic.

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Thank you. Though I did not even know there is something like Gnome Classic, after some googling, this seems to be a valid cause.

I will check it once I am at home from work and get back to you.

Thank you once again!

@pluto Awesome, you were right - I was able to switch the desktop to “Gnome” on the login screen. No clue why this was switched during update - but now it works out again!

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