Apple Mac Fedora 36 Nvidia as primary GPU

This is the Apple Mac I’m using.

MCP7A [GeForce 9400]

Model Mac-F2268CC8
Year 2009

Have I come to the end of the line to use the Commercial Nvidia Driver with kernel 5 upwards.
I tried to use this
and the lowest version on Fedora 36 List. Nothing seems to work.

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Nvidia has gradually phased out the older cards and has not supported cards using the 340 or 390 drivers for some time. Your card is stuck with the 340 driver, so if you cannot get a functioning kernel to support it then it would seem likely that you either have to A) stick with an older fedora release that has a kernel to support that driver, B) break down and get a newer computer with newer GPU hardware, or C) switch to a distro that still runs the older kernels and can use the 340 driver.