App (Moneydance) can't open attached PDF files

I use Moneydance finance software. All was okay under Mint and Ubuntu, but after migration to Fedora, any attempt to open a file attached to a transaction results in no activity until I close Moneydance, then this error message is displayed. I’m not a Linux expert, so despite my research, I don’t know how to solve this. Help appreciated.

First question in my mind is whether you can open a PDF file at all, independent of Moneydance. Do you have a PDF viewer installed? If you’re using Gnome as your desktop environment then Gnome’s Software app can show you PDF viewers that are readily available.

Yes. All other PDFs open with the defualt Fedora image viewer (Evince?) with no issues. The Moneydance attachments are encrypted, but I proved they are intact, not corrupted and can be opened by exporting/decrypting attachments using a Moneydance utility, then opening them manually. That was all successful. However, those “manually extracted” files are of type (application/pdf), not (application/octet-stream) as is referenced in the error message.

Hmmm, the support team for Moneydance may be the best path to a solution. I saw a few previous requests to their support team about their support for Fedora, and for the most recent, I didn’t see an answer provided. How did you go about installing Moneydance?

Installed via the rpm downloaded from the Moneydance site. They have had the ticket for several days. I’m told their devs are looking into it.

Moneydance never did close the loop on my ticket, and I never found the source of the issue. However, I recently upgraded to Fedora 37 and that resolved the problem. Thanks for the help!