App Image tries to open web Browser for authentication


Currently running a fresh install of Fedora 35.
I have to AppImages which are trying to open a webbrowser for their user login / authentication process. However, their attempts to open a browser window are unsuccessful. Also the system default browser won’t open.
How can I remediate this problem in order to be able to open the authentication link?

Many thanks!

Welcome to ask :fedora:

Have you tried opening a browser from the desktop and not via the app?
Does your internet connection work?
Is the system fully updated sudo dnf upgrade ?
What has been done to troubleshoot?

Posting more info helps us to help you.

Yes, these points are taken care of.

I came across the following solution from a different application with a comparable issue:

Solution was to enter:


However, I get a permission denied error on that command, even when running it as root.

If you’re interested there is a flatpak available, Flathub—An app store and build service for Linux