Anything in Fedora repos to automate the menu spec?

I’m working with a minimal install of Fedora 35, starting with the Everything image. I noticed that my system was missing the /etc/xdg/menus/ directory and was able to figure out that installing the redhat-menus package provides the common files for that directory that I’ve seen on other Fedora installs I’ve done, minus the specific file for any specific desktop environment.

I am looking to create such a file for my system and associate it with the XDG_MENU_PREFIX environment variable. I’m using Awesome WM and have no intention of installing any desktop environments on my system. It seems like the default file might be close to what I’m looking for, because I’m not looking to stray from the XDG defaults.

To anyone else that runs Fedora without a DE, I am looking for recommendations on creating a menu file for the Freedesktop spec, either from modifying the example menus or using something from the Fedora repos to create the menu file.

Hi, did you means something like dmenu that only show *.desktop file to run? If yes, may be you can use dmenu and j4-dmenu-desktop (all available from Fedora repo).

I don’t know about Awesome WM, but with i3 I can set with:

bindsym $mod+d exec --no-startup-id j4-dmenu-desktop [--dmenu="dmenu -i"]
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