Anyone see very slow transition between user sessions?

If there is an person logged into the PC and I do:

Switch User > Start New Session

it takes 3-4 minutes to get a login prompt… (Fedora 31 and KDE)

I tryied and ended up forcing my machine to reboot. But it was with ~90% of RAM being used.

After reboot i can switch users in seconds.

What about RAM utilization?

I haven’t checked RAM. The screens go black but are still on. What I usually have to do is toggle between Ctrl + Alt + F1 and Ctrl + Alt + F4. This usually brings up the login window with the options to pick a login user but that disappears almost immediately. Then if I wait for another minute or so, hitting enter will bring up a login prompt.

I am thinking now that this is related to my user account, there must be something that the account is doing like mounting a non-existant share and then timing out… will investigate.

I had same behavior twice on F30. First time was when I had 50GB disk transfer between two different disks in same PC going on in the background. It all fixed itself as soon as transfer was done.
Second time was when I tried to overthink vm.dirty_ratio & vm.dirty_background_ratio to no longer have problems similar to one above :wink:
In your case I’d check with iotop or something if there is no huge disk transfer going on in the background and if not then try to adjust vm settings.