Anyone knows who can update howto's of Gnome Display Manager (GDM) to the year 2021?

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Anyone knows who can update howto’s of Gnome Display Manager (GDM) to the year 2021?
So much has changed; almost everything i read about configuring GDM on the internet is hopelessly outdated, the projects place (Projects/GDM - GNOME Wiki!) looks abandonned in a hurry, GNOME Display Manager Reference Manual (GNOME Display Manager Reference Manual) offers as latest manual 3.26.2 and is very wrong in many instructions. First line of first chapter starts with: "This manual describes version 2.26.0 of the GNOME Display Manager. It was last updated on 02/10/2009. "

Is GDM dead?


The best way to report this issue is through the project-specific support channels.
Those are listed under “Getting in Touch” in your first link.


Well, i tried that oc, but chat is full of idlers -no response whatsoever- as are the other means of contact (no response). Hence my question here. Lets refrase that: Why would Fedora default to GDM in the state GDM is today? Why would Fedora accept such an ill documented, sheer unconfigurable and misty login manager. What is happening under the hood of GDM and how can i optimize it? Why does it take ages to load, why can’t i fill the initial “face” of the login screen, etc etc etc etc etc etc

Using linux as of red hat 4.0 (1996) i am used to figure out a lot, but GDM is really a info mess

There’re still more suitable sites where you have better luck to receive a positive reply:

Sometimes you need to wait for a really long time, like months, it’s normal.
Documentation-specific issues typically have low priority.

GDM is part of GNOME and that is the default DE for Fedora.

Perhaps you overestimate the importance and/or scope of the problem.
Many people use it, and barely anyone complains.

Your issue could be specific to particular hardware or system customization.
Try to isolate the problem by testing a clean Fedora installation with default system settings.


Maybe you are right. Thank you for the links. Call me old fashion, but i like to know how a program works, and what it does. To me linux is also transparency and that is lacking here.

Well, i think you are wrong here: enough people want to customize/tune GDM for their own specific and good reasons (just browse the internet for it, you’ll see) and they all complain or are puzzled.

GDM under the hood has totally changed. Nobody totally redesigns a product and then ‘sells’ it with the manual of the old product. Wouldn’t be safe. There are moments that at least the new mode of operation/configuration should be clarified the same time the new version is released (especially when the working tuned configuration you had suddenly isn’t working anymore after “upgrade” and GDM is struggling to perform)

It isn’t and i have. The (signs of) problems are clear. But addressing those issues is impossible if one does not get any insight into what could be possible the trouble.

Welp, enough said. Thank you for answers and patience, I shall follow your links.


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