Anyone have any interest in packages of dpdk 22.03?


I built the latest dpdk, version 22.03, because it was a non-satisfy-able dependency for installing openvswitch, which I wanted to install on my laptop running Fedora Workstation 36.

I wasn’t sure exactly how to contribute, or if it’s even really possible, so I stuck it in a personal repo in case anyone needs the packages before it’s officially released: GitHub - averyfreeman/dpdk-2203-for-fedora36: dpdk 22.03 for Fedora 36 workstation

I’m still pretty new to Fedora so part of this is asking if this is at all helpful to the maintenance team, and if you think these are worth putting in the official channel, feel free. A list of additional build dependencies I collected before compilation are listed on the repo page.

I’ve really only packaged the odd thing here or there, so I have no idea if they’re up to your standards. I suppose it’s possible I could create a copr - is that kind of like OBS on OpenSUSE?

Would appreciate suggestions. Thanks!

My understanding is that they’re similar. A Copr repo would be a great place for this package, especially if you want to make it available on architectures that you don’t have access to. Another nice feature is that you can have Copr run fedora-review against your builds, which will give you the opportunity to start getting it in line with the packaging standards.

If you want to officially package it, start with the Joining the Package Maintainers docs.

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