Anybody else has issues with the Gnome overview default key (Super) and different kernel version on different machines?

Pointing out weird things

Anybody else has issues with the Gnome overview default key (Super)?

I installed F32 on two machines, it works on one and doesn’t on my main one, which was upgraded from F31. It doesn’t allow to change it from the keyboard shortcuts menu and also changing from command line with gsettings or Gnome tweak it doesn’t work.

I exported the configurations of both machines to files using dconf dump / > <file_path> and piped each file to wc -l. The file form where Super key works there are 90 lines and from where Super key doesn’t work there are 1248 lines.

I imported the file from the working machine over my main machine and it started working. Comparing only the lines that are different with diff (and vimdiff) after importing. I left only the lines that I think are related to it.

--- New config ---
< sources=[('xkb', 'br')]
< xkb-options=@as []

--- Old config ---
> sources=[('xkb', 'us+alt-intl'), ('xkb', 'br')]
> xkb-options=['lv3:ralt_switch']

Looking at that seems like something related to keyboard layout and/or language/localization since my main machine I put in English GB recently and my secondary one is in Brazilian Portuguese (ptBR) and also on my main machine I had both BR and US internation keyboard layouts because I of my, probably dead, US layout keyboard attached to my laptop (main machine).

Other weird thing: My main machine is updated and its kernel now is 5.6.3-300.fc32.x86_64 the other one is updated and the kernel is 5.6.2-301.fc32.x86_64 and a bit later a discovered that actually 5.6.4-300.fc32.x86_64 is also installed, but is not set as default for booting (??).

Is it possible you reinstalled 5.6.2-301 after installing 5.6.4-300? The most recent kernel to be (re)installed will be the one that gets set as default, with the current kernel-install script.

(sudo dnf reinstall kernel-5.6.4-300.fc32.x86_64 would thus be the simplest likely fix.)

As for the Super key, I haven’t moved up to F32 yet but on F31 an issue I did notice recently was that the Frippery Application Menu shell extension (I believe was the culprit) had started overriding the binding on my right Super key — only, the left one worked normally. But a more recent update fixed that.

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I did not install any kernel manually. One thing that could have relation to it is that sometimes I use Gnome Software instead of dnf.

I use an ten-key-less keyboard on a laptop and I just have the left Super key that I couldn’t/can’t reassign it as it is ignored when I try it.