Any plans to support s390x on CentOS Stream 8?


The CentOS Stream download page doesn’t mention s390x for CentOS Stream 8 (only CentOS Stream 9)
Are there any plans to add support for s390x on CentOS Stream 8 ?

This question arise from the python community as to which distro to choose for manylinux_2_28 image which is meant to build python wheels with compiled C/C++ code.


Hi Matthieu!

Welcome! This is probably best asked in CentOS-devel The CentOS developers mailing list. - the CentOS folks who are around here are likely the ones who are involved in Fedora as well (via EPEL or Hyperscale SIG, among others)

Hello, thanks for suggestions.
From “About CentOS” topic About the CentOS category, I understood that the discussion would be broader than EPEL or other specific SIGs but that might not be the case.

It is a catch all for all CentOS discussions - since there’s not enough to break up into individual topics - but I don’t think the main discussions are happening here (yet).

Even on the Fedora side, topics that are well established on mailing lists tend to stay there (devel, test, etc)

There are discussions around making s390x available for CentOS Stream 8, but there are infrastructure and workflow challenges in the way. There is currently no plan or roadmap to accomplishing this.

For now, at least :slight_smile:

In the meantime, I also got the following answer in the GitHub issue linked in the first post:

We plan to add s390x this year as we work towards migrating C8S from the legacy koji instance to the new koji instance, which is part of our plan to align the C8S and C9S workflows. I’m not sure if this has been discussed publicly anywhere yet, but if you’re familiar with koji you can see pieces of this being put into place in the new instance, such as tags and build targets.

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