Any idea when geoclue2-2.7 will be available?

any idea when geoclue2-2.7 will be available please?
I am interested in the /etc/geolocation file for specifying a fixed location

That’s a good question for the package maintainers. It doesn’t look like it’s in bodhi or has been built in koji yet.


A good place to look for for this kind of thing in general is the Fedora Packages web app. See:

As @vwbusguy mentions, there don’t seem to be any pending builds or updates. But this update just came out a week ago. This release looks like it has a number of significant changes, which always also come with the chance of regressions. Fedora tries to keep things up to date, but we also want to avoid breaking working systems. So, sometimes updates like this are not given rush priority.

That said, if you have a feature you need, filing a bug (if there isn’t one already) can be helpful.