Any Betterbird users here?

Lenovo Yoga 7 (16ARP8)
F39 Workstation

I am running Thunderbird but due to some issues I want to try Betterbird. The developer pointed me to some instructions for installing BB but it seemed a bit over my skill level. Wondered if anyone could help me install it please?

Also wondering if I will need to set up accounts again.

(I have a ton of local folders which took weeks to import from Mac Mail and organise nicely. Hoping that will stay in situ from TB to BB)

The easiest way to install Betterbird is to install it through flatpak. If you move your Thunderbird configuration folder over to the corresponding config folder of the flatpak version (under ~/.var/app), then all settings and existing mail will be seamlessly transitioned.

Thanks. I checked and I have installed it as a flatpak…


Do you mean flathub?