Ansible and Silverblue

Hi All,

For anyone interested, I’ve set up a starter Silverblue + Ansible repo. For now it installs layered packages, flatpaks, fonts, and configures settings via dconf.

I’ve tried to document it well, so it should be relatively easy to work with for anyone who wants to have a go at using Ansible to configure Silverblue.

It should be able to get a lot better once this pull request gets merged. Being able to use --apply-live for layered packages in Ansible will allow package installations & usage without requiring an immediate reboot.

Feel free to make any suggestions or report any issues.


Is it working in Kinoite?

Hi Muhammed,

The ‘settings’ role included in the project isn’t appropriate for Kinoite, but the remaining roles are mostly desktop-agnostic. I don’t run KDE personally, but would accept KDE-related patches for the ‘settings’ role. Even if you had commands that could be run on a KDE system to change settings, I could convert them into Ansible commands as part of this role.

The layered_packages role does include a gnome-tweaks package (see roles/layered_packages/tasks/main.yml). I was mostly intending this to serve as a base for myself and for other people, so feel free to use / adjust as needed.

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