Another notebook topic: Which 14th Gen Intel notebooks fit Fedora? (comparable 13th Gen devices will be interesting as well, and if everything else fits, why not mention AMD as well :)

Another topic to find out which current notebooks work well with Fedora:

I am seeking a new notebook with roughly the following expectations:

  • If possible, Intel 14th gen 155H, 165H, 185H, 14500HX, 14650HX, 14700HX, 14900HX (this is Core Ultra 7 & 8, and Core i5/i7/i9)
  • =>32GB RAM, preferably with LPDDR5X-7466 or DDR5-5600
  • =>1TB SSD storage
  • preferably with possibility to integrate 5G
  • preferably 16", but at least 14", preferably 400 nits or more (at the best, with a high refresh rate)
  • battery as large as possible :smiley:
  • capable to do firmware upgrades without windows (and preferably with experiences that this capability actually works out)
  • no nvidia

I am aware that it is yet unlikely to find a device that already fulfills these conditions (if at all). Consider it as a rough goal I have, so a direction suggestions may go into. Compromises are inevitable. Feel free to blur the topic with other notebooks that are stable with Fedora: that might be valuable data for others too. I just would restrict this topic to notebooks that are currently still in production.

Removed nvidia

Added amd

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