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@ankursinha HI

I really appreciate your effort but as a ruby gem component you can easily install via this command :

gem install taskjuggler

and Updated via:

gem update taskjuggler


you can use Sudo to install via system-wide.



The TaskJuggler Software
6.1 tj3
6.2 tj3man
6.3 tj3d
6.4 tj3client
6.5 tj3webd


Thanks @hhlp,

Yes, I am aware of that, but I just prefer to have everything from an RPM rather than have things in my home directory. It becomes hard to update etc—one has to remember what was installed using non-rpm tools and update them manually so it’s more work for me. Building an rpm is just easier XD

No,I never install packages using gem or pip systemwide—that’s likely to create conflicts with files provided by system packages, no?