Ankur Sinha: How do you Fedora

Article Proposal: Ankur Sinha : How do you Fedora?

I have been working with @siddharthvipul on the draft that’s coming together. We are in process of getting the final draft approved from interviewee and then (after the approval) we can take it on the taiga board and follow the process.

I am looking forward to start working on the article.


Hello @climoiselle,
Welcome, and I am looking forward to reading the article!

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sure, that will be great :smiley:

Is this through @cprofitt? I thought that he was the “How do you Fedora” primary?

hey @jakfrost ,
I wish he was still working on this (I would have loved to help him). I tried reaching out to him to ask the break in articles (if it was because no volunteers or some reason) but was unable to. After discussing it on fedora-magazine meeting and commops, I decided to give it a go :slight_smile:
so far received great response from folks and a lot of help from @climoiselle who I now think should be the editor for this and I will be helping her instead from back seat.

Hello @siddharthvipul, glad you are getting a good response to your actions with this. It is a popular topic for the magazine. With respect to Editor, @climoiselle is very welcome to request an editors role with us. Generally speaking, it usually begins with a bit of writing, active involvement with the magazine at meetings and contributions, we certainly don’t mind growing the team.
[Edit] our workflow is this and the procedure to become an editor is here Contributing as a Fedora Magazine Editor :: Fedora Docs

Hello @climoiselle,
How are you getting along with this article?

Hello @jakfrost,

Finally we are ready with interviewee’s approval and now we are ready with the draft. If I get the edit access I can work on the draft there and then will be looking for your review :smiley:

Thank you

Hello @climoiselle,
That sounds good, by edit access do you mean writing the draft article in our Fedora’s WordPress instance? Or is there some other access you are meaning? For writing an article, you would follow this guide Getting access :: Fedora Docs.
So basically, this is how it works for getting an article through to publishing …

  • Submit proposal
  • Once two members of the editorial board give their agreement, an editor will then create an article tracking card on our Taiga Kanban board so we can track progress.
  • The writer should have signed up to the Fedora Magazine site with their FAS ID
  • The writer would also sign into the Fedora Magazine Taiga site
  • An editorial board member will invite the writer to join via Taiga then assign them as writer to the article card

So, with this article you are putting together, there is no second +1 vote yet, so I cannot make the card for it yet. But that shouldn’t stop you from completing the signing up process or your draft. Please read the getting access guide for writers, you will find everything is there, and if you need some help, just respond here and someone will jump in to lend a hand.

Hello @jakfrost

Yes editing to your Wordpress instance. Thank you for this guide, I am excited for this journey .

I am glad to hear you are excited to write, we need more writers, both at Fedora Magazine and in the world in general. It can be a very rewarding experience to create.