Anaconda creates partition for LVM setup

I realized when setting up by kickstart or UI, that Anaconda creates a partition on the selected disk for LVM (like /dev/sdc1).
Is this a bug or a normal behavior of Anaconda?

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Anaconda uses LVM by default.
It creates separate partitions for boot and LVM PV up to F32.
Btrfs should replace LVM+Ext4/XFS in F33.
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I am fine that Anaconda creates separate partitions for /boot, but for disks which are under control of LVM, I would want the whole disk (like sdc) under LVM and not a partition (sdc1).


Every storage device or partition can be used as a physical volume for LVM, so it’s ok.
If you not interested on creating LVM, do the following.
Start Anaconda. Go to “Installation Destination” > Click on “Custom” instead of “Automatic” > “Done”. You will be able to customize everything you want:)

The solution is to use --onpart=sdx… that creates the pv on the whole disk without using a partition.

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