An app I use is no longer in the fedora repository


This is a question I have found myself asking. Usually when I’m installing a new version of Fedora-Linux Workstation and as I am trying to install one of the applications I use I get a message like “Error: Unable to find a match: tagainijisho”.

I tend to start trying out a new release early in the cycle while it’s still Rawhide. This early in the cycle, it maybe that the package just hasn’t been loaded in the repository yet. That maybe someone just having time to do it, or a problem with the package that needs to be fixed so, for instance, it can’t work with a new service in Fedora. In the past, with a little help I found a couple places where package status could be found, but recently Matthew Miller Pointed me to this page:
By entering the package name I used above, then clicking View other packages from tagainijisho »
Then click on “Builds” I can see that Tagainijisho hasn’t been built since Fedora Linux 33 and was rendered to the trash (retired) at Fedora Linux 34.

A case like this starts with the package being orphaned. All packages have someone or a group who are the package maintainer(s). If a package has a problem and the maintainer(s) can’t be contacted or indicate they can not maintain the package any longer that package is placed in orphaned status. During this time a someone can volunteer to take over the package maintenance. If the package is picked up their is a good chance it will continue to be in the Fedora repository though it may take a while depending on how quickly it can be made ready. If a package is not picked up during the orphaned period it is declared retired. In this case I start looking for a replacement In the case of Tagainijisho I found Kiten in the Fedora repo. it’s not a one for one match, but I find it useful. Sometimes looking further afield for a replacement is required.

You could always compile it yourself.

It’s not that difficult if you haven’t done it before.