Amule on Fedora 31 KDE freezes after connecting



I’m using Fedora 31 KDE. I had installed aMule, but when it connects to a server the PC slows down and kinda-freezes. Fix?

   Hi.  Same happens with my HDD during dnf upgrade, as delta-updates are I/O intensive.  It’s HDD?  Maybe the issue is with scheduler, or another place not related to aMule.

I was thinking that I may need to additionally add something to the firewall… and I did.
I had added amule in services in the firewall, I had left the ‘Vesion’ and ‘Description’ fields empty, and in ports I had added:
4662 tcp
4668 tcp
4665 udp
4672 udp

But it still slows down-freezes after connecting to server.

When it’s slowing down/freezing, in ‘System Activity’ I saw that amule has a very high load on ‘Memory’.

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