AMDGPU crashes on HMD disconnect and cannot recover

So I’ve been having an issue with SteamVR locking up my machine when my headset disconnects. And I’ve finally figured out a few ways to get the journalctl and properly diagnose what is going on.

So when my HMD disconnects AMDGPU crashes however the system is still running and existing SSH connections will continue to function. However AMDGPU will not recover from the crash, despite the fact it seems like it tries to in the journal logs. Not evening opening a tty session with ctrl+alt+f4 will work. Though it will actually create the session, it seems as though it cannot be interacted with in addition to not being displayed.

I’ve gathered two versions of the journal, one over ssh with journalctl -f and another on the machine itself after hard powering it off (it seems to hard lock up upon calling reboot remotely). I’m coming to Fedora forums as I’m sort of assuming this is a Fedora-specific issue, as I see no users on Arch or on SteamVR’s Linux issue tracker mentioning something similar. However, I’m not a guru so I could very well be wrong.

Local journal (it seems to be missing entries): local journal AMDGPU -
SSH journal (I roughly guessed where in the journal SteamVR started and went from there): ssh journal crash -

It’s likely not Fedora specific, but probably specific to a particular kernel/driver version. I think your best bet is to report the issue here: Issues · drm / amd · GitLab

When you do, please provide a link to the bug here, so that anyone else affected can find it. Thanks.