Amd Vega rx 64, showing up as Vega 56

Fedora 40 Workstation ; Wayland; Mostly default; Gnome

It is definitely a Vega RX 64 (definitely not a 56 sold as a 64).

Got it second hand, but It seems as if it has a stock vbios (113-D0500150-103).

However, it comes up as Vega 56 as SDevice, as well as in utilities such as CoreCtrl, and graphics selection menus.

I’ve tried forever trying to diagnose why it’s happening to no avail. Just wondering if anyone has experienced the same issue or has any clues to why it might be occuring?

Additional Links:

Screenshot from 2024-06-07 19-03-46
Screenshot from 2024-06-07 19-07-00