Amanda backup issue

I have a fresh install of Fedora 33. I’m using Amanda to do my backups. I have used Amanda for many years. On this install, I let Fedora install the default btrfs file system. Where in the past I always used ext3 or ext4.

I have noticed that on the first backup following a reboot of the system, Amanda makes an incremental backup of my home directory that is the same size as a full backup. I believe that the reboot is causing btrfs to make a change to the home directory that causes this issue.

This has never occurred with the previous Fedora installs.

Any idea of the cause or how to trouble shoot the problem.


No idea what Amanda is, so not much specific help to your problem. I just wanted to mention that one of the great features of btrfs is their capabilities of snapshots and incremental backups built into the filesystem. See:

Maybe you need to adapt your backup strategy?

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