Alternative Keyboard (Dvorak) Layout Not Respected for Keyboard Shortcuts in Wayland Plasma on F33

I use the Dvorak keyboard layout for typing and shortcuts. I have a fresh install of Fedora 33 Workstation and I installed KDE Plasma:

sudo dnf -y group install "KDE Plasma Workspaces"

When using the Wayland version of Plasma I can type normally in my Dvorak layout, but keyboard shortcuts in applications are still QWERTY. Booting into the Xorg version of Plasma this issue does not occur.

Any ideas on:

  1. What is causing this?
  2. How it can be fixed?
  3. Where I might report this bug most productively?



Hello @kylerconway,
I think there may be a bug related to keybinding in Wayland, but I haven’t tested thoroughly. In my case I have an issue with Guake terminal shortcuts, specifically the one I map for opening and closing the terminal (usually F12). I get an error when opening a terminal about not being able to bind that key, yet it goes away after only 30 sec and states the F12 key can be used to open a terminal. When I try there is no result and I have to start the terminal again, which works. Frustrating. I would report it to possibly here

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