ALSA Config Issue

I have a new install of Fedora 33 KDE desktop and have a question about ALSA configuration.

The machine has several sound output options: The ASUS motherboard’s built-in sound (Radeon), an ASUS Xonar DG sound card, and a Hauppage TV tuner card. KDE Plasma (I assume via ALSA) has selected Devices “Headphones” on the Xonar card as default output and “Analog Input” on the PCIe Broadcast A/V Decoder" for input, and has routed the output to the front panel headphone port.

This being a dual-boot machine I have also installed Windows 10 on another partition. Windows 10 routes sound out the Xonar DG card’s port where it feeds an amplifier / speaker system. This would be my preference for KDE as well.

I know ALSA recognizes the Xonar DG card and chip, but I don’t know how to direct the output. Thank you for any suggestions.