Already read topics not marked as such on mobile

It seems to be working fine for me. Using the client app (which is just a chrome wrapper) on Android.

Yes. The only thing is that the title stay black instead of becoming gray.

I think I have the same issue as yours.

I tried Vivaldi, Firefox and Chrome, on Android.

With the default (mobile) view, all Topic titles are listed in White (when using dark mode, or all in black when using light mode).

When I switch to “Desktop View” in the Ask Menu, then I got Grey titles and White titles ( or black titles and grey titles when in light mode).

Strange thing, it happens also on discussion.f.o.

If @hhlp can’t figure it out, I’ll ask tech support. It may be something I messed up in the color scheme.

@alciregi @sampsonf

Could you please check that again and confirm it works again… maybe a bug in a theme component…

it works in my side… but I’m using the discourse app, but I’ve tested on vivaldi and works…


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Now it works.
In the preferences → Interface I selected the Development color scheme. The issue was still here. The I tapped on Reset. The option changed to 36 (:thinking:) and now it works.

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I’ve made two changes here for testing purpose:

  1. I’ve made a new color scheme for testing.
  2. I’ve made a new theme for testing purpose.

I only enable for testing purpose, I will change the name of the color to use as your own risk like the theme does.


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Strange enough, discussion.f.o. has the same problem.
Now I try to change the preferences there as well.

Mmm there is not a color scheme to select on discussion

Ok. It seems that setting the theme to dark/light forth and back solved the issue there as well. :man_shrugging:

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@hhlp Do you know if the “Dark/Light” color schemes should be made “user selectable” or not? That setting is confusing to me. (The color scheme is separately assigned to the Dark/Light themes, which are a different thing — and those are user-selectable.)

I think is not mandatory and we can disable then… just use the theme which use the respective color.


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here is your report, all credits to you:


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is disable now, only available to select the respective theme light or dark without color scheme


Ah, was it that theme component that caused it?

The objective of this component is to show the user who create the topic not the user who did the last reply in the latest list on a mobile., because the changed we made to adjust this behavior only works in the desktop version.

I will deeper on this in a Dev. Theme for. Mobile too.

Did you remember?


Yeah, remember that, just not sure how it’s connected to the already-read-topics problem.

Without changing anything on my side, now the topic titles (at least in Site Feedback) displays in Grey and White now, in Chrome, Firefox and Vivaldi.

I’ve activated this plug-ins again, and keep sync the desktop version with the mobile version since the plug-ins has review by the Discourse TEAM recently and adapted to the new core changed…

I’ve tested in a custom theme in mobile browser and a mobile browser itself…

cc @mattdm @ankursinha

Mobile OP avatars

A Discourse theme component that forces the original poster’s avatar to show in the topic list on mobile devices, rather than the latest poster.