Alphabetically sorted tags

Would it be possible to make the drop-down list of tags sorted alphabetically? It makes a problem to choose/find e.g. #docs on the list.
It is suggestion for just a small improvement.


You can click on the " + " and then just start type what you looking for. So they appear somehow sorted.

The default is to sort by popularity. There is an option to sort alphabetically. I can see merits to both (and corresponding disadvantages), but I think alphabetical might be best for the structured tags setup have here a we (as opposed to free-form tags on Ask Fedora). I’ll go ahead and switch it to see how it feels, and… here’s a straw poll…

I prefer tags to be sorted:
  • alphabetically
  • by popularity
  • not sure

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Another tip: rather than picking from the list, if you start on and pick New Topic from there, the #docs tag will already be selected.

I think navigating to different team tag pages might be the UI thing I should look at next. Maybe a list of tags at the top of, before the big list of all topics together?

Not sure if this is exactly what you have in mind, but I think a simple list of all the possible tags at the top of the projects category would be convenient. I’m envisioning something like the following.

Click one of the tags below to start a conversation with that label.
#magazine #docs #copr &c.

But maybe put the header in a small font to save space. I think that sort of overview of all the possibilities and quick single-click-to-start-a-conversation functionality would facilitate conversations being started with the best label. Just my 2¢.

@likelinux: Thank you for a good quick tip I hadn’t been aware of.

Yes, I can see merits to both, too. Personally, I tend to lean more towards alphabetical sorting (and perhaps rather ‘old school’ approach). But as I know that using a search is enough helpful , I am not so concerned about the way of sorting. If it changed back to popularity sorting, I’d propose 2 things:

  1. To explain why tags are not sorted alphabetically (maybe in a FAQ manner?)
  2. To add the @likelinux’s tip to Tips and tricks.

Thank you all for reactions.

For what it’s worth, no one seems to have minded the switch to alphabetical, so I think we’ll leave it that way. I’ll keep a watch out for new Discourse themes which could provide an even better experience.

done …

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