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I recently upgraded to Fedora 31 and after a while got the notification that one application was running in the background. Curious about the new function I clicked “forbid” and gnome killed the app.
But it remembers my choice and now continues to kill the app every time it’s not in focus.
I need to hit the “undo” on this, but can’t figure out where the setting is.
The obvious place to look was settings->applications, but it’s not there.
Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. :]

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In case you’ll get no answer: just create a new user, and copy the files from the old one, when needed.

I was about to do just that and interestingly enough, it seems the setting doesn’t survive relog. :]

Thanks for help.

I would still like to know more about this option: where to find it, how to switch it on and off permanently, etc.

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I did some research and it looks like there are plans/suggestions to add “background activity” button in the Settings section.

For now, we can remove background permissions for all flatpak’s :
flatpak permission-remove background background

or for specific application:
flatpak permission-reset application name

More info here:


A switch in the Settings (Control Center) panel has been added in 3.35.90 applications: Add a 'run in background' switch (edc4044f) · Commits · GNOME / Settings · GitLab

This will be present in GNOME next release (3.36) that will be included in Fedora 32.


Thanks, in the end the permission didn’t reset with relog only. I guess sometimes it’s just not detecting focus correctly and that’s why it did run in the background.

flatpak permission-reset application_name

fixed the issue.

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