All of sudden, $DISPLAY is not set

Hi, I upgraded from F32 to F33 recently. I’m not sure of the exact timing, but $DISPLAY is now :0

localhost is gone from the $DISPLAY value, this breaks x-forwarding.

Any ideas guys? Thank you.

When you say it breaks x-forwarding, please explain exactly what breaks. I can ssh into my laptop, desktop, whatever using the -X option and run a gui app on the remote system. My localhost has $DISPLAY configured as :1 as seen from the gnome terminal window.

$DISPLAY has never in my experience ever had localhost as part of the value. It contains the value of the gui desktop display.

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I’m really sorry. Somebody (I’m looking at you Robert) broke one of my servers. I had no idea he was changing it. Problem did not have to do with $DISPLAY although if you ssh with X forwarding the host name does indeed show up in $DISPLAY when the sshd_config is how I set it up :smiley:

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