All-in-one secure messenger?

Hello everyone,
I am new member of your community, the question that brings me here is regarding privacy.To start off, I am in love with Fedora.Also I am trying to use SIgnal desktop in my current setup.However, there is no RPM available. That’s why I am looking for an all-in-one secure messenger which is secure and privacy respecting but has a RPM available.I am aware of Flatseal and whilst it’s a great tool, I do prefer RPMs instead of Flatpaks. Anything comes to mind let me by replying.
Thank you :kiss:

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There’s a copr repro: luminoso/Signal-Desktop Copr

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If you’re really interested in privacy, I’d urge you to at least look at Flatpaks again. The sandbox is really beneficial to privacy and security.


flatpak does not provide any such snadboxing it just so called sandboxing.
even snap is a better sandboxing.

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Let’s please not go down this road. Flatpak does provide sandboxing. Whether folks are happy with the level it provides and so on is a different question and will be debated forever. Let’s help the user here with options, and they are, as always, expected to do their own research and make a final decision.


you can try flare
it is a gtk4 client

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There is even a warning to rather use a Flatpak than this version,but thank you for your time.

you can always use flatpak of official signal i just switch to flare as i don’t need all the features but flare is actually a good gtk app.

Understood, I was just hoping somebody had developed a secure multi platform messenger which supports the Signal protocol.

yes signal does not alllow that as far as i know even there was a controversy happen in molly project GitHub - mollyim/mollyim-android: A fork of Signal for Android with passphrase lock now to be frank signal desktop is a electron app Signal Desktop Without Electron · Issue #2178 · signalapp/Signal-Desktop · GitHub
so flare is a good option though they dont have calling supported but in desktop most dont need calling.

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Well I need calls so,I will just need to wait for the issue to be solved.

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sure you can even ask the dev about this feature.
and if you know. how to develop you can even create a pull request.

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I do, however time isn’t something I am able to spend with ease because of work.So the first options will be my way. Thank you for letting me know and your time.

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Great for Fedora 36, but there are no Fedora 35 packages…

Sorry, but no, not great. The person who set up the COPR even states that in the Installation Instructions: “It is highly recommended to use the flatpak version instead: Signal’s Flathub release.”

Much better to use the flatpak app from Flathub.
And it runs on Fedora 35.

When I moved to fedora I had to switch to flatpak version of Signal. Can’t do much here. :slightly_smiling_face:

The official Signal application can be installed via RPM:

Pidgin is an “all-in-one” multi-protocol messenger, which has an unofficial plugin for Signal. It’s a bit involved to set up and isn’t perfect, but it works.

If we go the security route, Electron apps are not recommended. At the same time Signal, Element etc. are officially maintained, while non-Electron apps are not.

Flare is very early but works okay, for Matrix there is Fractal and Neochat, both native clients.

Dino and Gajim are good XMPP clients.

SimpleX, the best messenger, only has an Appimage, Flatpak coming soon.

And I agree, Flatpaks are very good.