Alacritty vi mode with tmux?

Alacritty’s vi mode allows you to navigate and search through the scrollback buffer using vi keybindings. It doesn’t seem to work with tmux, at least not by default. I don’t fully understand the interaction between the two, but with tmux running, Alacritty’s vi mode only operates within the visible viewport. To scroll further back require’s using tmux’s own facilities and keybinds.

Is there a way to unify the two - ie. to use Alacritty’s vi mode to range over tmux’s entire scrollback buffer?


I think this is probably a question more suited to the tmux/alacritty channels. If there’s a way to unify them, folks there would know.

In general, you are mixing two scroll buffers—the alacritty one, and the tmux one. Even if using gnome-terminal, once I get my tmux going, I can’t use the gnome-terminal scroll very well, I must use the tmux one—because the scroll buffers of the two are different.


Thanks @ankursinha - you’re probably right about the channel. I just wanted to check to see if this was something any users here had come across first. All there is for Alacritty is their github repo & I try to avoid too many non-bug ‘support’ style queries for often overburdened open source developers. They are a precious resource! But yes I think the repo will be the place to ask.

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