After updating to Fedora 38 Flatpaks suddenly started to ignore composite characters

Hello everyone,

I’ve recently (two or three weeks ago) updated to Fedora 38 from 37. Since then, I’ve noticed that for some reason Flatpak apps started ignoring composite characters (á, í, š, …). This happens only when I want to create these characters using two keys (ˇ + s= š). I was able to narrow it down just to flapaks. I also didn’t change any settings so this was for sure caused by update.

I’ve tried this on SK and CZ keyboard layouts. Same problem.

Does anyone have some tips how to fix this or what could cause this ?

I’ll be glad for any help.

can you check
flatpak config
flatpak info insert malfunctioning flatpak name here.Locale

ie → flatpak info com.github.Eloston.UngoogledChromium.Locale

you can also check
flatpak run --command=sh "insert malfunctioning flatpak name here"
and then run locale and see what you get.

You may also want to run (assuming this is a system installation) sudo flatpak repair and see if that resolves the issue.

To anyone who might have the same issue as me.

I finally got around to managing this issue and so far it seems like removing all


packages and reinstalling them back again seems to fix this issue.

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