After updating kernel ,sometimes randomly laptop takes so long to even light up the screen to show manufacturer logo

I have Asus Rog Strix G15,
I have been using fedora for 6 months, I updated it through the Software application and kernel was updated.
Now I have 3 kernels installed
6.5 , 6.4 , 6.2
and sometimes what happens is when I press the power button, the power indicator light is turned on the memory indicator light is turned on but nothing shows on the screen
and after waiting for like 5 minutes the laptop starts with the Asus ROG logo and then the Grub
and this happens randomly like if I restart it, it will be fine, but after 1 or 2 days it happens again.

Since this appears to be intermittent I would venture that it may be a result of doing an inproper/incomplete shutdown that leaves a file system corrupted and the system may be attempting to clean up the corruption before boot.

Please make sure you always do a proper shutdown and that the system has powered off before closing the lid on your laptop. This avoids potential file system corruptions.

Each time this happens the damage may add to that previously experienced, so proper shutdowns are always necessary.

You by try removing rhgb quiet from the kernel line so you can watch the start up messages. That’s probably the best way to see what’s happening.