After update Fedora 34 pre release won't start

A few days ago I did an update to a pre release Fedora 34.
Since then Fedora 34 won’t finish the start process.
Here is a screen shot showing how far it got.

Are there any fixes to date? If so, what?



Boot using your latest f33 kernel. I believe it’s a bug with dracut-0.53

edit - the following steps worked for me.

Boot with a working kernel (any f33 one should work)
Apply the fix from here: fix(network-manager): no default deps for nm-run.service · dracutdevs/dracut@ba4bcf5 · GitHub
The full filepath is /usr/lib/dracut/modules.d/35network-manager/nm-run.service

Then run the commands:

sudo dnf remove *5.11.11-300*
sudo dnf update
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Hi Ryan, I used another version of a pre-release of F34 which is listed just under the actulal version (which won’t boot) on startup. There are three versions of F34 plus a Windows 10 for dual booting. But this working version also has a problem with the headphones connection. When plugged in it doesn’t switch to headphones, just continues on PC speakers.
Thanks for your reply.

I also have the issue with audio not switching to headphones. Believe it may be related to the switch from pulseaudio to pipewire, but I’ve not found a solution for it yet.

I hope that this scary hardware failure simulation will be the first and last time… I had a “resume=” option dangling in the grub options, which was superfluous because secure boot prevents hibernating, but never caused problems. I had the impression that removing this option fixed the problem, but I can not explain it. Neither I can explain how this NetworkManager file causes a udev-hdd initialisation loop with /dev/mapper-fedora_root and /dev/mapper_someuuid…