After transition to Nvidia card/Nouveau (fedora-34): flatpak evolution fails to display messages with webkit error #88

I have evolution/flatpak setup in a fedora-34 based VM. Was running smoothly until I switched my laptop to using the Nvidia card/Nouveau rather than the integrated Intel one.

Now evolution will start, but fail to display any messages showing

  1. in the GUI: Something has gone wrong when displaying the message. A WebkitWebProcess crashed when displaying the message. You can try again by moving to another message and back. If the issue persists, please file a bug report in GNOME Gitlab.

  2. on the CLI (from which evolution was started with flatpak run):

    (WebKitWebProcess:188): Gdk-CRITICAL **: 23:13:29:416: gdk_atom_intern: assertion 'atom_name != NULL' failed
    libEGL warning: DRI2: failed to authenticate

What is going wrong here? I tried installing the Nouveau xorg drivers in the VM which didn’t fix this, nor did adding org.freedesktop.Platform.GL32.default

WEBKIT_DISABLE_COMPOSITING_MODE=1 flatpak run org.gnome.Evolution

makes the problem disappear, as does switching the underlying distribution from fedora-34 to debian-11

How to fix this in fedora - I’d love to return to it …