After switching user cannot run toolbox container

Hello all!

I’m trying to run a toolbox container from another user but I get Error: failed to get the Podman version. I may be missing a configuration step.
To reproduce:

  1. Login to user A
  2. Open a terminal then su B --login, type in the password.
  3. Now I’m logged as user B, then run toolbox enter
  4. I get Error: failed to get the Podman version

I’ve tried to debug with:

$ toolbox --log-level debug create
DEBU Running as real user ID 1000
DEBU Resolved absolute path to the executable as /usr/bin/toolbox
DEBU Running on a cgroups v2 host
DEBU Checking if /etc/subgid and /etc/subuid have entries for user B
DEBU Validating sub-ID file /etc/subuid
DEBU Validating sub-ID file /etc/subgid
DEBU TOOLBOX_PATH is /usr/bin/toolbox
DEBU Migrating to newer Podman
DEBU Toolbox config directory is /var/home/ej/.config/toolbox
Error: default OCI runtime "crun" not found: invalid argument
DEBU Migrating to newer Podman: failed to get the Podman version: failed to invoke podman(1)
Error: failed to get the Podman version

I’ve created both users, I simply have different configurations for A and B. I’m trying to push some changes from B to the cloud without needing to logout from A and logging in to B. Any help is greatly appreciated!

Welcome to the Fedora Project @0x19j

Toolbox is a root-less container.

man su (1): change user ID or become superuser

-, -l, –login
Provide an environment similar to what the user would expect had the user logged in directly.

I propose you try to create the Toolbox while login in directly debug it this way for both users. Just when it is created test to log in with su (and do debugging to se what gets on) . As the man page says: it is similar and not exact the same thing using su -login.