Additional 389-DS packages availability

Hello all,

I’m spinning up a 389-ds server on Fedora following the official docs: 389 Directory Server - Quick Start but this looks like a horribly outdated version of fedora.

This document is for Directory Server 1.4.x - for 1.3.x

I found Install And Configure LDAP Server In CentOS 7 | Unixmen that lists a whole bunch of other packages:

Right now, all required packages for 389-DS server are not available in the CentOS repositories. We have to download and install manually the following packages.

And there doesn’t look to be any packages around for Fedora versions. Do I need to build and re-build all of these from source whenever I perform an upgrade of the provided 389-ds-base.86_64 package that’s in the fedora repos?

Looks like the Cockpit WebGUI replaced this