Adding `-team` to (almost) all of the tags in Project Discussion

Jun, what group is this for? I generally went with either the name convention I’m more familiar with (e.g. design-team, theoretically #kde-sig) or whether there is a specific, focused output a group of people work on (“Team”) or whether it is more a shared topical interest (“SIG” — e.g. ai-ml-sig).

I’m not strongly attached to this, though.

Another possibility for some might be-devel.

We can add sidebars for any tags (although it’s unfortunately a little kludgy — there is a config option mapping tag names to the topic ID of special posts). I can make either a separate sidebar post or point to the same one.

I’m firmly of the opinion that trackers are good for things that need specific action: bugs, feature work, etc., but terrible for discussion. I think the fact that lots of Fedora projects are using them for discussion is a symptom of, well, as you say…

… mailing lists being even worse. But: I’m not being inconsistent, because I’m working to bring mailing lists (yes, including devel list) to Discussion as well. Stay tuned!

I do think the issue tracker discussions are a problem, because they are (project wide) all over the place. That is a big barrier for newcomers, and makes CoreOS and others feel like a disconnected silo. And it’s just plain hard for someone with general interest to keep up.

I think you mean coreos-wg vs silverblue-team? I admit that looking at it in place, I’m not loving -wg — it’s not very self-explanatory.

But there is consistency: all of the official Editions have a Working Group:

… and I think consistency in that way is important too. (I would be okay with making all of these either -team or -devel, but I’d like agreement.)

I really do think it’s useful to distinguish user-support / problem-in-use conversation from development / contribution conversation. I also understand the appeal of not having a strong divide, but unlike a mailing list (or many trackers for that matter) it’s easy to move things back and forth. I wish Discourse made it easy for tag notification (watching / tracking) settings to take category into account… but it currently doesn’t, so I think the distinction is the most functional compromise right now.

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Matthew, I was talking about for example, the cases of the ruby-sig and medical-sig. If you use the -teamor-sig, I can agree for that.

If you can link the new “team” topics to the other ones so that they share the same side-bar that would be great. That would be good for Silverlbue/Kinoite/CoreOS at least. Thanks.

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I just noticed today that we have both epel and epel-sig tags. I had intended to reply here and state that the EPEL Steering Committee had discussed this and agreed to use a single epel tag, but I can see now that I must have forgotten to do that. These two tags are low traffic so we’re happy with using just the categories to differentiate users questions (Ask Fedora) from contributor discussion (Project Discussion).

Please merge epel and epel-sig into a single epel tag.

I talked with @tpopela and @dustymabe and @siosm about this yesterday and I think I mostly convinced them to go along. I know this is all kind of a work-around for the inability to subscribe separately to tags in Project Discussion without also subscribing to the same thing in Ask — which I really do think is important. I’ve asked Discourse devs if they have any clever ideas for us, and I’m hoping they do.

If not, I guess I’m reconsidering my stance and we can try again with shared tags for groups that prefer that. I find myself having to re-explain this over and over, which is a pretty strong sign that I’m on the wrong track. :slight_smile:

I am going to mark this topic closed, as I did the thing I said I was going to. But as you will see if you read all the replies, it’s not completely settled. Please open new topics if you have further ideas on how to solve this. (See for example Add -room suffix to key tags in Project Discussion. )

Everyone: please see Unified tags between #ask and #project — a potential solution (your input needed!) for a possible solution. Thanks!