Adding new Editors?

It seems like we’ve had a drop off in capacity in the Editorial team lately. This happens sometimes—we’re all volunteers when it comes to Magazine, even the Red Hat employees. But it might be good to add another Editor or two to help spread the load a bit.

At the same time, one thing I’m a strong believer in is allowing volunteers to step away. I know I’ve stuck around projects thinking “oh, I’ll be able to contribute any moment now” because it’s hard to say “I can’t do this right now”. So if there are Editors who would like to step down, that’s okay, too. (I’m not encouraging anyone to do this unless they truly want to).

Anyway! Thoughts?

Sure, the more the merrier, right? In my own case, I do emergent service work, so it isn’t usually on a schedule. Also, it will invariably occur when most inconvenient.

I mean i could be an editor, my only job is middle school. So if you need help or somebody to write a article, im all for it!

Sorry that I haven’t been contributing much lately. I’m willing to do double duty (edit 2 articles per week?) for the next few weeks if that helps to make up for it. I’m sort of a one-man IT shop for my department at the university and doing volunteer work for the magazine tends to be rock-bottom on my priority list. If there is a problem moving articles along, I’m sure I can do more.

If you want me to run the weekly meetings more, I’d request that the time be moved forward about 3 hours. I’m not a morning person.

How does one get started as an editor?
Are there guidelines for form and format?
Is this essentially proof reading and grammar/clarity enhancement?
What are the expectation?

I have some experience in tech writing and would like to contribute, if possible.


There are three things editors need to take care of:

  1. Grammar/style/usage - making sure the English language is clear, without being too formal or persnickety
  2. Technical accuracy - does the article actually work when you follow along?
  3. Overall impact - does the article help promote Fedora and help readers learn or understand?

Optimally editors can help with making a feature image that displays on social media and the magazine web pages. But there are folks to help with that sometimes.

Hi Richard. One of the key things that editors need to do is to attend the weekly IRC meetings where we divvy up the articles for editing, imaging and publication. Unfortunately, there are very few articles currently ready for review. Keep an eye on the list of articles that are ready for review and when there are several, join the IRC meeting and we will assign you one and see how it goes. Thanks for offering to help! :slightly_smiling_face:

Thanks for the response. I’ve found the Kanban site and IRC chat so I’ll follow them. [5:00 am PST is really early but I’ll give it a go :wink: ].

By way of introduction, I’ve been using Unix/Linux for probably 40 years, primarily in a “user” capacity as a customer support engineer. I’ve been Linux exclusive in my personal use for probably 30 of those.

In my support work I did a lot of documentation creation and editing based on the customer issues encountered so I feel comfortable editing. My understanding of Linux “internals” and "details are an ongoing project but I feel comfortable experimenting and verifying processes.

I look forward to contributing in some fashion, preferably editing, at this point. But should a topic arise that I can “get into” I’ll be happy to give it a go.

BTW, Is there a description of how to get set up to view the in-progress doc sources? I’m feeling my way through the system but any pointers would help.


I think your account just has to be granted the editor role on It doesn’t look like you have a profile on the site yet. After you’ve signed in once with your FAS account to initialize a profile, I will attempt to add your account to the editor role.

I just found your account and added the editor role. Strangely, your account didn’t come up when I searched for “Richard” but it did when I searched for “England”. :roll_eyes:

Thanks. Probably too many Richards :slight_smile: